About Dozimetrs Ltd

The major fields of activities of DOZIMETRS cover project development and implementation, consultations on Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence, radiation and nuclear safety, as well as import, development and installation, warranty conditions and full range of services for dosimetric equipment.
Since 1997, DOZIMETRS has successfully cooperated with Thermo Fisher Scientific, an important partner in sales and development of Radiation Measurement and Protection product line.

In 2007, U.S. Department of Energy chose DOZIMETRS as the contractor in the Second Line of Defence (SLD) program. DOZIMETRS provides maintenance, as well as installation services and serves as a technical advisor in said program for approx. 40 radiation control monitors on Border crossing points, including Airport Riga and Sea Ports Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils.

In 2019 DOZIMETRS developed measurement systems for wood industry. DoziWood offers optimized protection from contaminated (Cs-137) wood chips entering the heating supply chain with Thermo Fisher Scientific® Safety-Guard Series II radiation detection system. The system allows the company meeting the regulatory requirements at various utilization levels of ash-containing Cs-137 isotope. (>1 Bq/g; >10 Bq/g). 

Currently DOZIMETRS is implementing projects in cooperation with companies such as PNLL (USA), Latvia's Border Guards, Radiation Safety Centre, Tolmets (leader in purchasing and processing of scrap metal in the Baltic countries), Environment and Power structures, Radiation waste management agency, private scrap companies.

DOZIMETRS successfully operates in the field of software development for Dosimetry. Equipment and software for active and passive dosimetry have been developed in collaboration with a partner DosiBase and successfully exported to companies in different continents under DosiBase brand.

DOZIMETRS Ltd. was founded on October 18, 1995.