DosiBase® Glow Curve Checker (GCC)

DosiBase® Glow Curve Checker (GCC) is a user-friendly software for TLD glow curve screening and detection of suspicious dosimeters.

• Imported glow curves are checked against reference values of pre-set parameters.

• The appropriate reference values shall be determined by the operator.

• GCC finds and reports those curves, which are comparable to the reference values as accepted and those curves which look irregular as rejected.

• Rejected glow curves may be manually controlled by medical physicists in order to decide on how to deal with the specific TL reading.

• TL results rejected by the algorithm can be accepted manually by the operator. Accepted results may be manually rejected.

• The criteria catalogue is based on expertise and recommendations of specialists from radiation monitoring industry.

• Based on reference card readings responsible specialist has to determine a reasonable setting for each criterion.

• The software has the capacity to maintain several sets of parameters which gives users the possibility to read different types of detectors.